How to Prepare for a Day in the Sun

As we get closer to the start of summer, we can expect to start spending more time outdoors. Before we start spending extended periods outdoors, it’s important to prepare your body for the summer sun. Whether you spend the day out on the water or under some shady trees, you’ll still want to follow these tips to ensure that you’re staying safe this summer.

Apply Sunscreen Every 2 Hours

When it comes to skincare, the best thing that you can do is apply SPF sunscreen every day during the summer. Whether the sun is shining or not, you can still be exposed to high UV rays, so it’s essential to protect your skin during this time. You should apply a water-resistant sunscreen with SPF 15 or above for the best results.

Keep in mind, if you’re participating in activities involving water, like swimming or boating, continue to re-apply sunscreen at least 30 minutes before swimming and continue re-applying during and after your activities.  

Wear Protective Clothing

Another simple way to protect your skin from the summer sun is to wear protective clothing. The sun is at it’s strongest from 10 am until 3 pm, so it’s best to take extra precautions during these times. To protect your face, try wearing a hat that will provide extra shade to your face and UV protective sunglasses to protect your eyes.

If you begin to notice areas like the tops of your feet or your shoulders starting to burn, make sure you take additional precautions to keep those areas covered while in the sun. Too much sun exposure can lead to serious and hazardous effects.

Stay Hydrated Throughout the Day

When the temperature is hot outside, it’s very easy to become dehydrated. During the summer, it’s always important to carry around a water bottle with you at all times to avoid dehydration. It’s recommended to drink 16 to 20 fluid ounces of water before your outdoor activity. Then remember to continue to hydrate during and after your activity.

If you’re starting to feel dehydrated, you probably are. Take a step back from the heat and drink some water when you’re starting to feel down.

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