How to Perfect Your Fishing Cast

The secret to a successful fishing trip is not always just about the bait that you use, but the cast of your fishing rod! Although it sounds like it’d be simple, there is a lot of technique that goes behind achieving the perfect cast. Let’s look at a few ways to help you perfect your fishing cast!

Make Sure You are Using the Right Fishing Rod

Choosing the proper rod is the first step to achieving a perfect cast. When you’re selecting a fishing rod to use, make sure that you are paying attention to the weight of it. Usually, if the rod is too light, it will be harder to reach your desired distance. Once you determine the weight of your rod, choose the appropriate lure.

During this time, you should also make sure that your rod has a full spool! When you have a full spool, then more lines will come off each turn and will give you a more extended cast.

Understand Your Body Positioning

Having the right body language will also help you achieve the perfect cast. After you determine the area that you’d like to target, make sure that your body is facing that direction. Then, continue to place your feet and shoulders so that they are squared to the target. Don’t forget to make sure your toes and feet are facing the target too!

Control Your Throw

Now it’s time to throw your cast! To begin, hold your cast with your dominant hand. Your index finger should grip the line as you bring the rod behind your shoulder. You can then release the rod in a fluid motion while picking up your finger from the line. The goal of the cast is to gain distance, so make sure that you aren’t throwing too hard. Believe it or not, the harder you cast, the more likely you’re probably losing distance.

Practice Makes Perfect

The perfect cast isn’t always going to come naturally. Make sure that you are practicing your stance and swing every time you’re out on the water! 

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