A Guide to the Best Times for Catching Your Favorite Fish at Virginia Beach

Best Weather Conditions to Fish in

If you’re planning a visit to the stunning shores of Virginia Beach, the excitement doesn’t end with the sun, surf, and sand. At Dockside Seafood & Fishing Center, we invite you to embark on a fishing adventure that transcends the ordinary. In this guide, we’ll navigate the waters of Virginia Beach, helping you discover the… Read more »

The Health Benefits of Fresh Seafood

A batch of freshly steamed clams, right from our restaurant

If you’re a seafood enthusiast, you’re not just treating your taste buds – you’re also nourishing your body with a bounty of health benefits. Dockside Seafood & Fishing Center, nestled in the heart of Virginia Beach, is not just a haven for fishing enthusiasts but a gateway to a healthier lifestyle. In this blog, we’ll… Read more »

What to Expect and How to Prepare for a Half-Day Fishing Trip

Half-Day Fishing Trip with Dockside Seafood & Fishing Center

Are you itching for a thrilling adventure on the waters of Virginia Beach? Look no further than Dockside Seafood & Fishing Center, where a half-day fishing trip promises not only the excitement of the catch but also an immersive experience surrounded by the scenic beauty of Virginia Beach. Setting the Stage for Adventure Dockside Seafood… Read more »

5 Easy and Delicious Recipes for Cooking Your Freshly Caught Fish

Fresh Fish

Are you planning a visit to Virginia Beach and searching for an unforgettable family experience? Look no further than Dockside Seafood & Fishing Center. Nestled in the heart of Virginia Beach, Dockside offers a range of activities that cater to everyone, from seasoned fishing pros to beginners and families seeking a memorable outing. A Family-Friendly… Read more »

Tips for Making Your Family’s Adventure Fun and Educational

Kid in life vest sailing on a boat

Taking your family on a fishing adventure can be a rewarding and memorable experience, especially when you’re exploring the beautiful waters of Virginia Beach. With a half-day fishing charter, you’ll have ample time to enjoy the excitement of catching fish while also teaching your kids about the amazing marine life in the area. In this… Read more »

Savor the Sea: A Guide to Pairing Wines and Sides with Your Fresh Seafood Finds

A raw fish with a bottle of white wine

Ah, seafood! There’s nothing quite like enjoying the fresh, succulent flavors of the ocean’s bounty. And, when it comes to elevating your seafood dining experience, the right wine and side dish pairings can make all the difference. In this guide, we’ll explore some of the best pairings for seafood commonly found in Virginia Beach so… Read more »

Homemade Gifts For An Unforgettable Mother’s Day

A husband surprising his wife for Mother's Day- their daughter is holding flowers to give her.

Mother’s Day is always the second Sunday in May. While that seems far away, planning early is a great way to ensure you knock it out of the park! Rather than panic and default to an overpriced generic card and a department store gift card, create homemade gifts and experiences. It’s a cliché, but it’s… Read more »

How To Have A Great Fishing Charter Trip

A red, orange, yellow and purple sunset over the ocean, with a fishing pole in the center.

Whether you go with friends, family, or solo, a fishing charter trip is an incredible experience. To make sure it’s smooth sailing, we’ve compiled a list of some tips to ensure your trip is a success! Research and Pick Your Company It’s important to look into which fishing charter company you will go with. A… Read more »

One Pot Seafood Recipes

a cast iron pot on a cutting board

With the holiday season in full swing, things seem to be getting busier and busier. After long days of shopping, wrapping, baking, and going to visit family, the last thing you want to do is spend a few hours cooking and then another hour or so cleaning up. That’s where one-pot meals come in! They’re… Read more »

Seafood-Related Holidays

A large pile of cooked shrimp and muscles

Often, seafood is thought of as summer food. While we understand, a nice fresh piece of fish perfectly cooked after being caught is a great summer activity- there’s more to seafood than summer! Seafood can be enjoyed each season, and there are several “National __ Days” for seafood. This blog will go through some of those… Read more »