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Preparing for your First Fishing Trip

o, you want join the 40 million people who go fishing each year, but where do you begin? Fishing is a great activity that is not only beneficial for the environment, but for your health as well. Anglers are some of the first people to notice changes to the aquatic and terrestrial ecosystem. Fishing is also a great way to relax and reduce your stress and anxiety.

Before you run out to the lake with a fishing rod and a bucket hat there are some things you will need to know. There are a few different essential items that should accompany you on your trip. Here is what you will need:

First Aid Kit– Your safety is the most important aspect of a successful fishing trip besides catching the fish! There are many different sharp objects that you will need to use during the trip. If you happen to nick yourself while cutting a line or taking the fish off the hook it is good to have a first aid kit handy. Make sure your kit is packed with an adequate amount of gauze, bandages, and antibiotic ointment.

Fishing rod & reel– According to Dick’s Sporting Goods, a good length for beginner anglers is usually around 7 feet. Buying a fishing rod can be overwhelming for a beginner. This size will allow beginners to have a balanced amount of casting distance. It also helps to provide accuracy. Don’t expect When choosing a fishing rod make sure that it feels comfortable and you are able to handle it. Give it a few test castings before you make a purchase.

Fishing line & line cutter– Typically, fishing line will come with your fishing reel but you should always pack extras. Fishing line is extremely strong so you will need to bring a sharp knife or nail clipper to cut the line. Most experienced anglers use nail clippers because they are compact and safer to use than a sharp knife.

Bait– Once you cast your line you will need something on the hook to get the fish to bite. Worms are the most common bai used but ants, beetles, grasshoppers, and caterpillars can also be used as bait. In addition to live bait experienced anglers use lures to draw in fish. Lures are brightly colored plastic worms or fish placed on the ed of the hook and typically used once you run out of live bait.

Tackle Box– Every experience angler has a tackle box filled with all the supplies they will need for a successful fishing trip. As you gain experience you will learn what works best for you. This is also a great place to store your first aid kit Here are some essentials you should include in your tackle box:

  • Bobbers
  • Hooks
  • Line
  • Pliers
  • Sunblock
  • Safety goggles
  • Flashlight
  • Line clippers
  • Hand towels
  • Insect repellant

Camera- When you finally catch the big one you will want to document your trophy fish! Disposable cameras are inexpensive and you will be more inclined to print out the photo of your catch of the day!

After you’ve gathered all your supplies and are ready to get started don’t forget to plan your first fishing trip this summer at Dockside Fishing Center.

Dockside Fishing Center offers fishing charters that make your fishing trip easy and fun! We also include bait and tackle, so you don’t have to worry about packing your own. Whether you are an expert angler, or you are just getting started our team will help make your fishing expedition a success.  Make your reservation today, we look forward to seeing you this summer!

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