Staying Cool when Fishing

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When you go fishing, you’re sitting for hours in one place.  This can get very uncomfortable very quickly if you don’t dress properly.  Although you are in a wet, cool environment, there is also the sun beating down on you.  Potentially dangerous UV rays will be hitting your skin as you sit in the same spot for hours.  Balance is key; one should be aware and prepared for all the elements present during a fishing trip.


Over the course of hours, it’s likely that the weather will change, so wear different layers of clothing.  Your outfit needs to be versatile — if it gets too cold, put on a few layers. If it gets too hot, take off a few.  Your first layer — the one closest to your skin, should ideally be waterproof.  It needs to be a light material that will allow moisture out, but not in.  There are many specifically engineered shirts that are made for this exact purpose.  This shirt will be your last line of defense against the elements, so investing in a good material is never a bad idea.  Try and even get one that is UV resistant as well — now that’s an undershirt!


Next, on top of that should be a simple Nylon long-sleeve shirt.  You can always take it off if it gets too hot, but this isn’t recommended. This shirt can be cheap; have it protect your more expensive water resistant UV shirt.


As for pants, well, if you’re dedicated enough to layers, go with the zip-off pants.  They’re jeans until you unzip them — then they’re jean shorts.  However shorts will do in general.  As long as you’re torso and head are properly covered you should be fine.  Most of your heat leaves through your torso and head, so choosing comfortable shorts even if it is a little chilly may benefit in the long run.


In the hot sun, there really are no other options other than sandals for your feet.  Once again, water-resistant is a must — you don’t want to be standing in constant watery slosh.  Also, slip-resistant material might save you a nasty fall in the future.  Rubber shoes are great for these two exact reasons.


More accessories to consider: a hat for further UV protection, gloves and sunglasses.   Stay cool and safe during your fishing trip.  Long hours out under the sun and sitting next to water should warrant proper protection.

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