Fishing: Tips for Beginners

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Fishing is an art, no doubt, and to condense that art into a few hundred words is nearly impossible. However, here are some of the bare essentials to stepping up your fishing game.


First and foremost, know about your bait. If fishing is an art, then baiting is what color you use in your work.  Choosing the right bait for the right situation could mean success or a very depressing fishing trip.  Every type of fish has a favorite food that is part of their natural diet, and some fish simply won’t eat certain bait.


Now, the fun doesn’t necessarily end when you cast your bait. Fishing aficionados know the way that certain insects move and behave.  This means imitating that pattern with your fishing line.  So before you go fishing, do your research: what does that kind of fish like? And how your specific insect move and behave? This brings me to the next point.


Know your fish. Study where the fish you’re trying to catch is most likely to be during this time of year.  Understand the habits of your fish. Are they generally aggressive or allusive? What locations are they attracted to more?  Also, every month is different in terms of location; even every week is different.  Track where the fish are moving. The “hot spots” are where the fish have chosen to spawn this year.  Knowing that especially will put you way ahead in the game.


Check the weather before you embark.  This is mainly for your safety, but also to ensure a comfortable fishing experience. It has been said that overcast makes the fish most active and hungry.  Rain equals more bites, perhaps because they anticipate more bugs to be out during overcast times.


This brings up a very important mistake many beginner fishermen make: they forget to bring bug spray.  You don’t want to be in that position, stranded out on the lake without it.


Once you do all of this, just be ready to ride out the elements.  Dress in layers so that if the weather does drastically change, you’ll be prepared.  Out in the water, the weather will change a lot.


Oh and wear boots — very important for keeping your feet warm and dry.

It’s all in the preparation. Know your fish, dress right, bring spray, and don’t forget most of all – enjoy!

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