Tips to Get Your Family into Bird Watching

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We all love hanging out with our kids and grand kids.  One of the best things to do is to discover new hobbies with them, or to try and get the kids interested in your hobbies.  Bird watching is something that can be enjoyed by the young, and young at heart.  To have a successful bird watching venture with the kids we suggest you follow our few tips below to ensure a great time.


Start the bird watching at a young age to get them interested in the activity.  There is no need to wait until they get into kindergarten to understand the appreciation for bird watching. Buy coloring books with birds in them so they can recognize the differences in types.


The best place to start bird watching is in your backyard or at a nearby park.  You may be surprised to discover how many types of birds there are within the small vicinity of your home.


Make birding fun.  Download apps to your phone, or buy games about birds to enjoy together.  If your kids are still at the age where they enjoy a good bedtime story, make it about birds.  Watch bird movies together like Happy Feet or Free Birds.


Some of the best activities are fun to do when the weather is nice. A perfect opportunity to go birding is by taking a walk through the preserve or at the park.  Setup a picnic and while you eat lunch, try to spot birds in the trees and flying above your heads.


Birding is definitely an activity that the entire family can enjoy together.  If you make it fun and work with your kids to get them interested there are sure to be some great times had while bird watching.


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