Fascinating Human and Dolphin Interactions


Dolphins are amazing creatures that are known to help other animals and even humans! There are some great examples of this throughout history. Here are a few of our favorite stories:

Fishing in Laguna, Brazil

In Laguna, Brazil a group of local dolphins have been aiding fisherman for generations. Out of the large pod of bottlenose dolphins living in the area, about 20 of them consistently herd mullet fish for the locals. They do this by herding the fish towards a line of fisherman in shallow water. The dolphins then slap their tails to let the fisherman know where to throw their nets, greatly aiding them in the fishing process. Scientists believe that these cooperative dolphins have been taught their behaviors from their mothers during social learning. The help of these dolphins supports 200 families of fisherman in the area!

Dolphins Save New Zealand Swimmer

In 2014, dolphins were documented protecting long-distance swimmer Adam Walker as he swam the Cook Strait off the coast of New Zealand. Walker spotted a six-foot shark in the water nearby, who quickly swam away when a pod of dolphins surrounded Walker. The dolphins stayed with Walker for over an hour more of his journey!

Guiding Whales Back to Sea

Two pygmy sperm whales had been beached on Mahia Beach, New Zealand for over an hour when Moko the dolphin came to the rescue! Rescue workers could not seem to get the mother whale and her calf unstuck, but Moko managed to approach the whales and lead them off the sandbar and back out to sea. Moko spends much of his time near the New Zealand beach, often swimming with humans and playing around.

These tales of dolphin heroics show how kind and intelligent these beautiful creatures can be. Here at Dockside Seafood & Fishing, we offer an exciting Sunset Dolphin Watch adventure where you can experience dolphin activities firsthand! This Virginia Beach boating excursion takes place on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday nights throughout the summer. Visit our website more information or call us today at 757-482-4545 to reserve your seats.

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