The Weather Effects on Fish & Fishing

fishing and weather

Many anglers know that all types of weather affect fish and their behaviors.  As the conditions change, the fish do as well.  Fish are incredibly sensitive to weather patterns and pressure fronts.


The weather ahead of cold fronts will lead to great fishing conditions due to the low pressure in the air.  When fish sense that it will be cold they stock up on food more than they would normally and this makes the biting even better for fishermen.


Once the cold front passes however, the first few days after do not lead to favorable fishing conditions.  The fish are still so stuffed on food that moving to the surface is not necessary.

When the day is cloudy the light penetration into the water is low and predators go on the prowl, especially in the shallow water.  Active fishing presentations with larger bait will have the best catches in areas where schooling fish are feeding.


Strong winds will make some great waves on the water and can flip the switch to feed for fish such as bass, walleyes and other game fish.


The best preparation for your upcoming fishing trip is to study the fish that you are in pursuit of and what weather conditions they typically bite best in. Other important factors to research would be the depth they bite at, best water temperature and clarity.  It is also important to stay safe on your trip as well by studying the weather conditions ahead of time so you don’t get trapped in a storm front with no escape.

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