The Basics of Bird Watching

Bird watching is a pretty inexpensive activity, which can make it pretty popular. If you’ve never been bird watching before, then you might be wondering what sorts of things to expect.

Depending on how long you plan on bird watching (or birding as it is called) it will make a difference as to what you will wear. You can wear normal clothing, but there are things you can do to maximize your birding:

  • Wear something comfortable, so that you are encouraged to stay out on the field longer.
  • You clothes should be functional, such as having pockets. Also, wear shoes that have ankle support.
  • When out in the field, wear clothes that blend in with the environment. Many birds tend to scare easily and are hard to get close to. Use camouflage to blend in.Seafood and Fishing Center

When going birding it is possible that you may see some of the birds with the naked eye, but it will enhance your experience to have equipment with you:

  • Binoculars: High quality binoculars are the number one tool of the birder. They will allow you to see details and identify birds from further away.
  • Bird Spotting Scopes: This is a compact telescope enhances magnifications beyond that of the usual binoculars and are great for long distance birding sessions.
  • Field Guide- Every birder needs a good field guide with them. A guide will help (especially those new to birding) identify different species.

Birds can be seen all year round but there are going to certain times of year more of them will be around than others.

Spring and autumn are easily the best time to watch birds because of their migration patterns. They tend to be in larger groups and are easier to spot. There tend to be more roaming birds because of them becoming more disoriented from migrating. The winter is a unique chance to see arctic birds.

At Dockside Seafood & Fishing Center, bird watching is one of the amenities we offer. Come enjoy nature with us!


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