Fishing with Young Kids

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The best way to help your son or daughter realize his or her full potential is to let your child explore this world. Whether it’s fishing, hiking, hunting or even acting, there is something your kid loves to do and it’s your job to help him or her find it. Weekend getaways, camping adventures, road trips, and fishing excursions are some of the best ways to get there.

Where should you start? Take the kids fishing! Family fishing trips are great ways to educate your children in a fun, adventurous way. Many anglers agree that kids who learn to fish at a young age improve their decision-making skills, reactions, focus, and determination. Also, fishing is a great stress reliever so kids who fish often tend to be happier and more behaved.

Moreover, some believe that anglers didn’t do their part to get kids interested in fishing 10-20 years ago, and so now, fishing is quickly turning into a sport for the elderly. So getting kids out there on the water is more important than ever.  “Nine percent of fishermen are under the age of 30, with the average age of an angler now 49“| Read More

Remember, fishing with children is a bit different from fishing with your friends. Keep some of the tips below in mind when you hit the water.

  • Don’t Inflate Expectations: Catching fish is as much up to the fish as it is about your skill. Even if you’re a seasoned pro, remember that your child is not. While catching a fish will likely happen, you don’t want to upset your child or make him or her feel like a failure. Let your kid know that it’s more about the fun and the thrill of the catch, than actually catching one and that it’s okay if he or she didn’t get a bite the first time.
  • Remember to Cover Everything, Before you Cast: Seriously, you don’t want to forget to cover reeling the fish in before your child has a 10lb pike on the line. Make you covered everything and that nobody has questions before you make the first casts.
  • Stay Basic: Use basic lures, bait, and go after the predictable, simple fish. When kids are successful, it motivates them to continue to do well, and it’s a nice self-esteem boost. Until you feel your child is ready to advance, stick to the basics.


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