How Should You Store a Fish Once It’s Been Caught?

How to Store Fish

Fishing is a great pastime that is loved by many. There are plenty of benefits to spending time out on the water, but one of the most favored benefits is the different types of fish you can catch!

Once you have learned how to fish, you will need to learn how to properly store your catches that you don’t plan to eat right away. Luckily, storing your fish is simple!

Here are a few easy ways that you can store your fish once it has been caught:

What to Do Once Your Fish Is Caught

The first few moments after you’ve caught your fish are crucial. If you plan to eat the fish you have caught, you’re going to want to keep it alive or chilled with ice from the time it’s caught until you’re ready to store it.

To help preserve the flavor of your fish, don’t forget to clean your fish after catching it.

Icing Your Fish

Once your fish has been cleaned and cut, it’s very important to put the fish on ice throughout the process of preparing it. If you plan on keeping your fish in an insulated cooler, make sure that you leave the cooler’s drain plug open. If water is left in the cooler, it can spoil the flavor of the fish.

Freezing Your Fish

One of the most popular ways to store your fish is by freezing it. Frozen fish typically lasts about three to 12 months in your freezer. The best way to store your fish in the freezer is by vacuum sealing your storage bag. This will help the fish keep their delicious flavors while being stored in the freezer.

Refrigerating Your Fish

Freezing isn’t the only way to keep your catch fresh. You can also refrigerate your fish! Before placing your catch directly into your fridge, make sure you wash it in cold water and dry it with a paper towel. After the fish has been washed, you can then wrap it in wax paper, plastic wrap, or aluminum foil and place it in the fridge.

Typically, your fresh fish will last up for two days in the fridge.

Planning Your Next Catch

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